Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Big Thanks!

This post is going to be dedicated to all those people out there that have linked to any of my sites.

Dave operates the following blogs, check them out they have a lot of great pictures and useful info you can access his other blogs from the blogger profile...

Isa operates the following blogs, check out her unique writing style available in English

or Spanish

Tanya's blogs include spectacular sunset photos submitted from people all around the world (including me) She is working on producing a silent film so if you have any sunset photos you would like to contribute....

Impman has linked to my overheating site a few times check his site out and leave him a comment if you so choose...

Paul has a few different blogs out there you can check them out at the following address, you won't be disappointed....

Thanks to everyone who has promoted or linked to my blogs out there I do appreciate it. I am sure I have missed a few, just let me know and I will feature your blog in future articles.


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  3. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the comment :) I am glad you enjoyed the pictures.
    I am browsing through your stuff,,, so much info! Wonderful site, thanks for doing this.

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