Friday, November 03, 2006

Blog Soldiers

It really seems like there are quite a few sites traffic exchanges out there like blog explosion, blogmad, and blogazoo. The latest one that I have come across is Blog Soldiers. It works like the others as you can surf other blogs in their directory to gain credits. So far blog soldiers offers me three blogs that I can submit into their directory. It is becoming increasingly difficult to choose which blogs to submit. (I think I have about 11 now!) You can also pay them for extra credits and to "upgrade" your membership. As with the other traffic exchanges, you can assign the amount of traffic that you would like to go to each site. For example 50% to my Natures Wallpaper site, 30% to celebrating music and 20% to the world's funniest videos. While these sites are rather tedious to maintain your credits, they do provide results! Has anyone else out there used blog soldiers? Let me know what you think.