Friday, June 29, 2007

Did My Sites Deserve To Get Banned From Digg?

Well this kinda happened all at once.... I am not sure if it was just the case of a few people ganging up on all my sites or if I actually deserved to be banned from the social phenomenon that is As some of you may know I do operate quite a few different blogs and each one of them made it to the front page at least once if not a bunch of times in certain cases. Now I know a lot of people on digg are anti-blog, but really it is no different than any other site out there on the Internet. Check out the list of banned sites and tell me what you think...

World's Funniest Videos
Human Element
Nothing But Videos
Growing Growing Gone
Are We Overheating?

I e-mailed digg and ask when these sites would be re-instated and they told me they would never be. Is this fair? If people didn't like these sites then why would they make it to the front page time after time? Just look at this long list of articles that made it here!

As you may know I have been a big advocate of digg and I would include a digg button in most of my posts. I guess I just don't understand... what are your thoughts?