Friday, May 18, 2007

Is CoRank The Next Social Phenomenon?

Corank is a site that I have run across lately that seems to be yet another great way to promote your website it will get at least a few more eyes on your hard work. For all of you familiar with the site Digg you will get the hang of this real quick!

It essentially works the same way as users get to submit and vote on stories/articles. The only real difference is that you get to choose your sources for the articles. This way you filter out a lot of the junk on sites like Digg and you get your own personalized spam free front page. Another slight difference from the mighty Digg is that you simply vote if the story is interesting or just "not for me", they also give you the feature to save stories. Of course, no social news site would be complete without the comment feature and Corank is no exception to the rule.

It is on a much smaller scale then digg, but it seems to be growing at a nice clip and every link to your site counts so what are you waiting for? You can go sign up here or you can view my Corank profile here. Don't forget to add me as a source if you like... enjoy!