Monday, October 16, 2006


I have found another very similar site as blogazoo called

It works like blogexplosion and blogazoo as far as you earn credits by surfing other blogs, which in turn you can use to generate traffic to your site. You can create advertising banners and text link that you can "buy" with these credits that you earn by surfing in their directory. Blogmad lets you have only two different blogs though. Has anyone else seen results from or


  1. Hello!

    Just visiting from BE. If you put your referral link instead of just a general link, you will have people join under you. That is another way you may promote your blog, by earning credits referring people.

    See my page here:

  2. Hi 1Green Thumb,

    I have used BlogMad in the past and can tell you it delivers a high level of traffic quickly - much more than BlogExplosion. The problem with this is that your credits are used very quickly and it's difficult to maintain your BlogMad traffic. I'd only ever use BM/BE on a new site while I was waiting for traffic from other sources.

  3. The more you "Surf" with blog mad the more credits you earn and then your "Rank" increases. Each time you reach a new Rank you also get more options like being able to add more blogs.

  4. yap good post, thanks tou..

  5. I like this

    Kelly carby

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