Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stumbling Through The Internet

A fun way to promote your website or blog is to submit your content to the website Stumbled Upon. This site is a bit different from any of the other social networking sites out there and seems to be snowballing around the Internet. Basically, as with all other sites the first thing to do is to sign up. Once you do that you should begin to edit your profile, avatar picture, interests, personal info ect. Stumbled upon will download a toolbar that works with Firefox or Internet Explorer which is great for submitting sites, seeing what your friends are stumbling, keeping track of your favorites and for finding new and interesting sites.

Now is also a good time to tell stumbled upon what kind of topics you would like to see. This way you filter out most of the junk that you just don't care about! That is the real beauty of Stumbled Upon! If you are a fan of the next blog button on blogger you will certainly love this as the content tends to be of a higher quality and less spam. For example if you are interested in photography and science then you can choose only to view photography and science sites. Very, very useful as it narrows down the sites you are looking for quite well.

Like other social networking sites it also has groups, friends, networks, forums, and it also saves all of your favorites much like delicious. It acts like a one stop shop for all your social networking needs.

The website Stumbled Upon is also a great way to try and target your exact audience for your website or blog. For instance if you have a site all about poetry you can submit it to Stumbled Upon under the poetry section and watch the targeted traffic roll in. It blew my mind when I saw all the different topics to choose from on the site! Like most other social networking sites, the more people that like the site the more it will be shown.

The site is growing everyday and I have seen the traffic results myself in Analytics. So go sign up and start Stumbling today. You can view my profile here or you can get started here.



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  2. Stumble upon is a great site. I've been able to come across some really cool stuff that I otherwise would've never found. It's fun to to just search when you're bored.

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  4. have given it a whirl!

    happy easter!

  5. one of the stumbleupon type site that i found was - snapshot.compete

    cool i say :)

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