Thursday, February 08, 2007


Another great way to help promote your site is to use the site, especially if you have multiple sites/blogs. This is one of the original sites that started to use "social bookmarking." This simply means you post your bookmarks/articles and share them with people in your network on This might not seem like much, but it is a great way to get a few eyes on your work.

Delicious also keeps track of all the people that bookmark your posts, so you can check out their work/bookmarks as well, and best of all you can access these bookmarks anywhere in the world from any computer. Like a lot of other sites nowadays Delicious uses tags, so you can easily sort your bookmarks. For example, "blog" or "photography" or "funny" or "scary" could all be useful tags. They are a great way to help organize your website/blog and these bookmarks as well.

My favorite part of Delicious though is the "linkrolls." This is a very useful tool if you have multiple blogs like me. Basically, it is a list of the most recent posts to Delicious from any blog/site. You can add these linkrolls to any of your sites, Delicious writes the HTML for you all you need to do is cut and paste it into your template. You can see an example here below this post on this blog or here very near the bottom. This is a great way to promote all of your posts from different sites in one handy dandy list that is automatically updated every time you post another bookmark. Pretty cool! Plus you can also direct people to other sites besides your own that you think will interest your viewers. This is a great way to keep your links looking fresh and new and help cross promote your sites. So go check it out and start keeping viewers on your network of sites longer. Sign-up here or you can check out my delicious profile here.



  1. you're utterly delicious

  2. I'm very impressed again at how good you are at promoting your sites and helping others too.

    keep on keeping on