Friday, December 29, 2006

Reddit And Netscape Better Than Digg?

So I am sure you heard about how I made it big on, so I decided to search out sites that were similar to digg. The two sites that I see that have the most promise are reddit and netscape, yes I said netscape. I was surprise to find out the old netscape is rising from the dead and is looking quite a bit like digg. In fact the only real difference I see between the two of them is that netscape has a lot less users. Reddit on the other hand is a very primitive site, but still has the potential to draw traffic to your site. In Reddit you simply submit the url of the page and nothing else, not even a description. Since there is no description at all your headline becomes very very important. So got out into the brave new world and submit your stories/article to digg, reddit, and netscape and watch the traffic pour in... By the way, I had even more success with digg when I submitted this story, watch out though it appears to be a very dangerous topic, but it did get over 2000 diggs...


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

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