Saturday, November 17, 2007

Leave Your Mark In This World With Trailfire

A great way to promote your site and organize your favorite websites is to use the site Trailfire. Basically, this site allows you to leave comments on any webpage out there in cyberspace. It also lets you see what other Trailfire users thought of that page by viewing their marks on the page. You can create as many trails as you like, but the idea is to try and keep your trails relevant to a certain subject like photography, videos, politics, games, current events or whatever else you can think of!

You can also use Trailfire as a way to show the world all of your favorite sites or blogs. This way when an individual discovers your trail they can follow your marks from one to the next. As you can imagine this is a great way to not only promote your sites, but it can also be another way to get feedback from other users. An added bonus is that it keeps people on your network of sites longer as they follow your trail.

Trailfire allows you to install a toolbar so you can easily add marks to any page with just one click. So go check it out today and start discovering new trails and marks on your favorite pages that you never even knew existed. You can check out my trails here. Don't forget to add me as a contact if you like and let me know if you have any questions...


  1. also .Users submit web links or blog posts they like by entering the URL for the specific page as well as a short description and selecting a category

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