Friday, June 29, 2007

Did My Sites Deserve To Get Banned From Digg?

Well this kinda happened all at once.... I am not sure if it was just the case of a few people ganging up on all my sites or if I actually deserved to be banned from the social phenomenon that is As some of you may know I do operate quite a few different blogs and each one of them made it to the front page at least once if not a bunch of times in certain cases. Now I know a lot of people on digg are anti-blog, but really it is no different than any other site out there on the Internet. Check out the list of banned sites and tell me what you think...

World's Funniest Videos
Human Element
Nothing But Videos
Growing Growing Gone
Are We Overheating?

I e-mailed digg and ask when these sites would be re-instated and they told me they would never be. Is this fair? If people didn't like these sites then why would they make it to the front page time after time? Just look at this long list of articles that made it here!

As you may know I have been a big advocate of digg and I would include a digg button in most of my posts. I guess I just don't understand... what are your thoughts?


  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Yeah I have heard this actually happens to a lot of people... it's like being blacklisted!

  2. Some people are just jealous of the blogs that make it to the top page. They just want to get rid of their competitors. I'm sorry to say but that's politics. -_-

  3. zaibatsu10:40 PM

    Explain a little more to me about being banned from. Digg. S oif I post content from these sites they are refused. I don't see ads so it's hard for me to judge. Is it spammy, or ....

    zaibatsu - digg

  4. I also got banned same day man. Makes me wonder if some jealous digg users didnt decide to report alot site that make it to the front page to keep them out.

    Weird Asia News has a PR6 and is in google news and a ton of other news feeds but someone reported it and now it is banned.

    @Zaibatsu - what it means is if anyone likes a post on these urls and wants to submit them to digg. An error will be given saying that the url you are trying to submit is blocked from

    What sucks is my site gets atleast one article a week to front page of digg. Additionally the site has been in digg over a year. Is that the history of a spam site.

    I think not.. but what can you do. AS mentioned in this post is and always has been very difficult to deal with in regards to getting something changed.

    THey are like google in the way they feel their algo is perfect and they dont need to fix anything.

  5. There must be levels of banning. I have some sites I submit from that don't get the "blocked" errors you mention but they also never show up in 'upcoming' for their category no matter how many votes they get.

    So they are not banned but can never do well either because only friends ever see them. I gave up submitting them, so that's a subtle way of censorship on their part also.

  6. Anonymous3:09 AM

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  7. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Digg has been going down hill for a while now... a shame really the site was pretty cool for a while, but censorship is not cool no matter what the circumstance!

  8. Makes me wonder if it is even worth signing up for.

  9. Yeah you can do what you like, but since I published the above article they have since banned me entirely from digg and a few of my friends had their accounts deleted as well...

    Any site that would do this I would consider to be "evil" so do what you must, but I will never go back to

  10. I think it sucks and, in a honesty I was thinkin' about checking out digg. But now I'm not sure I want to.

  11. I have been finding ways to promote my blog, with many suggestions leading to Digg as a number one choice for promotion. After hearing many success stories, it seemed like a good idea. I keep going back between others' experience and the Digg registration screen, but after finding your blog post about this, my doubts have been confirmed. I'm sorry that you had an bad experience with Digg, and thank you for the heads up.

  12. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Intrested in Link exchange around 400 unique Vistors..

  13. Just as a side note... now that I am completely banned from digg I am getting all these e-mails that are saying I am so and so's latest fan and this person sent me a shout-out...

    I can't even get into my account to shut it off! I have sent them a couple e-mails telling them to turn this off or re-instate my account so I can turn it off myself and they have yet to respond. Yet another reason has turned it's back it's users and has now decided to start spamming me...

  14. Undeserved, and I'm sure there are many like you. Stick to the stupid cat pictures and unfounded sensationalist bullshit and you're guaranteed to make the white list.

  15. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Bad, nasty bloggers you are, yes, go away you must. Long live the mighty Digg!

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