Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Time To Say Thanks Again

Well I figured it was about that time again... I just want to tell everyone that has commented, visited or linked to my sites a big THANKS!!!!

And in no particular order

My View Of It who actually just link to Are We Overheating about 5 minutes ago... I do appreciate you helping to spread the word : )

Serenity Quest who has link to this very blog, and certainly has a way with words... Thanks for all your help and keep on entertaining and informing us all!

My View On The News this individual just linked to three of my blogs... unfortunately I cannot speak German if that is in fact what this sites language is... none the less they obviously have great tastes...

Photoholics Anonymous this is a project that I am working on with another photographer and I just want to give props...

My Quest To Make Money On The Internet sounds very tempting doesn't it... go ahead and take a look... They have linked to this blog and google power and I certainly appreciate it!

Talk Vids who is another recent linker to my nothing but videos site... Thanks and I wish your site the best of luck!

Brownies For Breakfast good old Texas Dave check out his growing number of blogs... I believe this one was the first!

I am sure I forgot a TON of people and for that I do apologize... Let me know in a comment and I will be happy to feature you in the next post.



  1. Cool way to help bloggers. I got one more for you : a contact form for users of the blogger platform. The quickest and easiest you could ever find. You can then sleep peacefully without bothering about spammers eating your mail address.

    It would be fun too if you joined the UBSquare family. Perhaps you could get a lot of people to help there.

  2. been away much long! Thank you for recognizing my greatness LOL *wink* and it's lovely to see just how grateful you can be...

  3. Hi there , mind to exchange links ? You can check out my blog by clicking my name . Leave your comment in my blog's guestbook or chatbox . Thanks !

  4. hey dan

    thanks so much for incl. me in your list

    you just do better work all the time

    keep it up