Friday, December 29, 2006

Reddit And Netscape Better Than Digg?

So I am sure you heard about how I made it big on, so I decided to search out sites that were similar to digg. The two sites that I see that have the most promise are reddit and netscape, yes I said netscape. I was surprise to find out the old netscape is rising from the dead and is looking quite a bit like digg. In fact the only real difference I see between the two of them is that netscape has a lot less users. Reddit on the other hand is a very primitive site, but still has the potential to draw traffic to your site. In Reddit you simply submit the url of the page and nothing else, not even a description. Since there is no description at all your headline becomes very very important. So got out into the brave new world and submit your stories/article to digg, reddit, and netscape and watch the traffic pour in... By the way, I had even more success with digg when I submitted this story, watch out though it appears to be a very dangerous topic, but it did get over 2000 diggs...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Using To Generate Traffic

So I finally hit it big on, I have been posting there for a while and I would get a few diggs, but nothing like this. First let me give you a little background of what digg is. Basically, is a site where users can submit their articles/videos about anything from politics to comedy. Once it is submitted users can "digg" them or bury them if they so choose. The site keeps track of all the diggs that you get on your article/video. The more diggs you have the more chance you have of making it on the main "popular stories" part of digg. You see when you first submit the story it goes into a "upcoming stories" section of digg, then once you receive many diggs they upgrade you to the "popular stories" part of digg. Once you make it there you can sit back and watch the traffic jump, it was really amazing.

When my story made it I had over 12,000 hits in one day alone, which is pretty impressive for sites like mine that are still in their infancy and don't have any real page rank. You can see all of my stories that I submitted to digg here and you can see the story that gave me the 12,000 hits here.

The beauty of digg is that the stories are chosen by the viewers and not some editor so everyone has a chance of making it big. So what are you waiting for go
sign up and starting digging, it is a great way to promote your site. Who knows maybe this article will be the next to make it big... hmmm diggers digging a site about digg, I guess it makes sense.