Monday, September 25, 2006

Using Link Exchanges

Link Exchanges can be a very useful way to promoting your site and improve your page ranking. I have yet to find a link exchange program that really works. I don't really click on any of the link exchanges as most of them are just spam. I have found that the best way is to join places like Google Groups and Blog-Explosion and simply ask people if they would like to exchange links.

Also you need to think about outbound links to improve your page ranking. Simply download the google toolbar which has a built in page ranker. Then you can go to sites like eBay or Amazon and you will see that their page rank is very high. These are the types of outbound links that you want if you would like to raise your page rank.

So basically, you want quality outbound and inbound links if possible.

Hey if anyone is interested in a link exchange or knows of any quality link exchanges out there, just let us know. Here is the one that I have designed to exhange pictures for a link.

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